Sunday, February 20, 2011

Converting courses to blended instruction

As part of my MS, I've been asked to prepare a short checklist of ideas and tips for a trainer who's thinking of migrating a face-to-face training program to a blended instructional delivery model. The scenario is pretty free-form, and the only other information is that the trainer wants to make the change because of poor learner communication in the face-to-face class.

I broke my guidelines into four basic areas:
  • Things to consider before starting the transition
  • Areas where distance education can be of benefit
  • Changes to the trainer role
  • Ways to help facilitate communication among the learners
Within these categories, I proposed a variety of thought experiences intended to help the course designer focus on important questions related to instructional design.

In an ideal world, my hypothetical trainer would follow all of my instructions. In the real world, he might do a few of them--possibly saving his learners from an excruciating videotape-the-lecture snorefest.

Here's the list of guidelines! Click to view.

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